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Help us promote the place?

February 11, 2019

If you like Dreamers & co., our place and project, there are a few ways how you could easy help us promote it:

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Dreamers & Co. opening is really close!

January 23, 2019

Write about a newsworthy event at your community center. Whether you’ve got new equipment, you’re forming teams for a league, or there’s a new person on staff, let the community know!

General overview and services

At Dreamers & Co., there truly is something for everyone. Whatever your interests are, we hope you'll find your way enjoying our resort, cultured and enriching community in Second Life. Whether you are looking for enriching activities or want to take part in any of our social events — we are working on setting an array of activities that are sure to make your time with us pleasant. Or simply come, chill, chat and relax.

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Beach parties & DJ sessions

We love music, so we're planning schedule some parties and DJ sessions now and then, as well as "open mic", when possible. If you feel to share your skills, contact us!.

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Common areas, houses to rent...

Our goal is to build and grow together a friendly community, for which we've set a few of common areas that are open to everybody, ,just keep in mind we're hold in a moderated sim, stay polite, respectful and tolerant, and please, contact the team if you have any issue. We do also have a few houses to rent, if you like to be more involved in the community and make it your home. It's not a business, just a way to help with the maintenance expenses of the place.

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