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A Bit About Us

Dreaming a better world

On first days January 2019 I decided to listen to my inner voices which were shouting for some time - for a place that allows me to surround myself by peace, beauty, light and harmonic energies to give rest to my soul, so I walked into a new land and began creating this space. Then while working on it, a project seed began to grow, and I decided not keep this place only for myself, but open it for mindful people to enjoy, as well.

So I put together the ideas that fill my mind and dreams, and based mainly on the spirit of a project that I've been loving for years - from a place in RL: "The Shakespeare and company" library in Paris, I began creating rooms, spaces, in hopes to get grow a new resort, Dreamers & Co.: a place for dreamers, open minded, travelers, storytellers, music lovers, writers, non-comformists, bards, photographers, adventurers, mindful beings, adventurers, great-hearted people, visionaries, bloggers... to chill, share, collaborate and build together a friendly, peaceful and respectful community.

I take the license to introduce my project with the words of the Shakespeare and Company creator:

"I created this bookstore like a man would write a novel,

building each room like a chapter,

and I like people to open the door the way they open a book,

a book that leads into a magic world in their imaginations."
 —George Whitman
... and invite everybody who finds a resonance, or simply curious, to come discover and write their own story together with us. Like in the real, we encourage visitors to become friends, enjoy the common areas in the resort, interact with the population, chill, take and read the books that we'll be in a next future adding to our library, send us their own stories to become part of them, "camp" around, if you feel it your place, participate in the activities... just feel home, be yourself and respect others.

Our AIM is to build and grow, all together, a place and a community based on a friendly, safe, respectful coexistence where we can collaborate, share, learn and create. We love music, all kind of arts, books... and the freedom of open minds, and to just be ourselves. Most of the people at Dreamers & Co. are either naturists/nudists or have no problem coexisting with people who are. So, we've decided together to make this place "Free Clothing" -- although due to the rating of the sim and to being a public space, sex is not allowed. 

We encourage everybody to come as they feel better and respect the others. Keep in mind, being naked does not mean wanting sex. So please, be kind and polite.

We are working to set up some cultural/social activities, like temporary Art exhibits, Dreamers Library, a "Gazette", DJ open mic sessions, classes and talks, Fleas Market, group relax/meditation sessions... and we have a blog section in our web page, atm testing an innovative way for our blog. 

join our group or subscriber if you might be interested and stay updated.




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